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Defectors With A Purpose

Vintage Stereon is a South Florida based company that started as just a clothing brand, but now can be referred to as a collective. VS was created by a group of friends looking to bring something new to the South Florida streetwear scene.

The individuals behind Vintage Stereon are different in comparison to your typical upcoming clothing brand. Each design is curated and developed by real artists who draw and collaborate with one another to put together a unique design unlike any other. Music, current events, and various mediums are all part of each collection’s influences.

Since starting in 2010, Vintage Stereon has become well known in South Florida. They’ve branched out and sponsored several events as well as created their own series known as We Lit. The We Lit series was created to bring upcoming artists to intimate venues creating a one of a kind experience. To learn more about Vintage Stereon as well as all of the brand’s endeavors be sure to follow and “Keep an eye open” on your favorite social network.